Day Sixty-five

I slept LAAAAATE today! I just could not wake up. Probably because I was up until all hours watching Dr. Who. I’ve gone through my change of Dr. but he’s been asleep for most of what I saw so I don’t know if he’s weird yet. I guess we’ll see. I do know that it made me have super crazy detailed dreams all night long though.

When Kristyn came home we made Falafel and Hummus for dinner and then discussed some plans. I also destroyed my phone today by putting it on the counter when I was doing dishes. Water got all over it and now I’m trying to dry it out. *sigh*

Here I am taking a normal picture of myself. Here is Kristyn posing like a coquettish weirdo because I wouldn’t take her picture sitting on the couch in the same position she usually does. This was her solution.

Okay, we’re watching “Party Down”. We caught her up on “Jersey Shore” and now she’s catching up on “Party Down”. Yes and yes. G’nite!

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