Day Sixty-three

Talk about falling down on the job! These are pictures from yesterday. I was busy all day so I fell asleep without posting or even taking a picture of Kristyn hence the risickulous morning bedhead pictures. I rather like them myself. Oh I should say that the picture of me in the purple shirt is not a glamour photo haha. Not me trying out for Miss America. That was my favourite shirt in high school and I just refound it. The picture below is the crazy outfit I wore out in public today. I said, “Kristyn do I look crazy in this?” She said, “Well yes a little.” And I don’t know why but it delighted me so I went to the laundromat and took pictures of it for you to see and roll your eyes at. Okay I have to to make breakfast (at 1pm). I’m starving half to death.

Oh also, Kristyn asked me to post ALL of these bedhead pictures. Why? Because she loves you.

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