Day Fifty-nine

I woke up with a start this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. Kristyn had work early so I helped her get ready and then just started job hunting and generally making myself useful. But then I got all sad-like at the futility of job hunting in LA and decided it was in my best interests to watch the Golden Girls and take a nap. Who says you can’t self-medicate without drugs?

I woke up about two hours later, had a little dinner and straightened up the house. Did a mondo amount of dishes and cleaned (parts of) the bathroom. Then Kristyn came home! I made her dinner and then while deciding what to do, I enlisted Kristyn to help me with a “quick project” that ended up taking hours and hours and hours and hours.

In the picture below you will notice that I am covered with duct tape. We will discuss it later.

Before I get into that let me tell you what we did with the rest of the night so I can show you Kristyn’s picture. Kristyn read aloud to me from “Girls To The Front”, a book about the history of Riot Grrrl. She’s even reading it aloud to me on and off for about a month whenever we get the chance. We like to read books like this aloud to each other because it allows for good conversation and then we both get the knowledge in one bang. We’re thinkers. *tapping noggin*

SO about the duct tape. Our friend Don recently gave me the idea to create my own dress form. I’ve wanted one for a LONG TIME but they’re so damn expensive. And I’ve considered making one but didn’t know how to get my exact measurements. You know how? Duct tape!

You put on a form-fitting t-shirt and have someone tape you up. You cut it off of you, tape it shut and pack it tight with poly-fil cotton or plastic bags or whatever you have on hand. Close the neck, arm and waist holes with cardboard and tape. Boom. A dressform that has your exact measurements. I’ve been sewing dresses lately so this is going to be really handy.

Here is the finisher product. It’s already blowing my mind because I was able to pin the top of a dress together on the dummy. When I put it on, it fit perfectly. Usually I pin it together WHILE I STILL HAVE IT ON. Ridiculous. Love this. Also two things:

1) It’s interesting to see my own body in 3D from a first person perspective and not in a reflection/picture.

2) It’s fun to get to hug my actual self.

Okay I’m going to go watch more GG and go to bed. G’nite!

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