Day Fifty-seven

I applied to a buncha jobs today and submitted my FAFSA for the fall. I might be eligible for grants for the first time in my life! If all of this unemployment ends up earning me a cheap degree, it’ll all be worth it!

I also started hemming a dress I’ve had in the closet for a few years. It was a little too long and matronly but now it’s more cute and versatile. It fits great and will be cute for work (eventually). I have also watched the Golden Girls from dawn to dusk. Good times.

Kristyn is not feeling well today. She thinks she caught a bug at work. She ended up having to come home a little early and was glad that GG was on. We always watch it when we’re sick so she’s currently being soothed haha.

Here are some pictures of the animals that I took to text to Kristyn earlier to make her feel better.

Okay gonna go watch “The Girls”.

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