Day Fifty-six

I’m watching Dr. Who again so I’ll keep it short and sweet. Today was another good day. Thank god, I’ll take it!

I altered a denim skirt I bought at the Goodwill the other day when we bought the dresser. It had a purple tag so it was 50% off making it $2.50. It’s a steal! I also did my taxes today finally. Now I just have to make a copy of the paperwork and send it off. Can not wait.

Kristyn had a dog puke a condom out right in front of her today. I think, even including the taxes, I had a better day.

My breakfast gave me a side-eye again. Enough with the ‘tude Eggos and veggie sausage and veggie bacon.

Also, here is a nectarine I ate today.

Well I gotta get up early because Krissy has somewhere she’s gotta be and I’ve got to help her get ready. G’nite!

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