Day Fifty-four

Today we cleaned the bedroom and bought a new (used) dresser for thirty beans. The dresser we bought at Ikea when we moved here is already WAY shot. The bottoms of all three drawers fell out. Seriously. So I called a couple of Goodwills and one had a $30 wooden chest of drawers. BOOM. We are so happy because it’s not pretty but it’s a helluva lot more functional than that piece of crap Ikea dresser. We finally have a place for our stuff again!

So here I am wearing my Dad’s hat. He has had this hat as long as I remember. That is, until I stole it and moved 3,000 miles away. He can have it back. Eventually.

And here is Kristyn posing with a shirt I forced her to pose with at Goodwill. We had a fun day today and the bedroom looks like a real bedroom and NOT a hovel. Thank god.

Okay we are watching “Party Down”. It’s about (way past) time for bed. G’nite!

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