Day Fifty-two

I forgot to post this last night. Okay! So yesterday Kristyn had work and I stayed home sewing and watching tv. Kristyn came home and we had beans and corn bread then played some MJ Dance Experience. If you look at the background of this picture you might see Kristyn whirling around. It was her turn to be MJ.

Here’s Krissy, happy to be home. She had a nice day at work too!

Oh and about the pictures of Friday (presented without comment), now here is a comment. I took that picture of myself when leaving a sewing machine repair place. Kristyn’s Mom long-term loaned us her sewing machine and it is really a beauty. It’s metal and it runs great but it won’t actually see. I think I’m threading it right but the bobbin thread and the needle thread won’t connect. The guy said the timing is probably off. I called one place who said they’d do a whole workover on the machine for $40. He said that vintage machines need to be oiled, cleaned and have their timing adjusted and then they’ll work fine. But $40 is out of our price range right now (especially since I can sew with my hands for free).

So I called this place and he said I should bring it down, he’d take a look at it on the spot and if the problem was just the timing, he’d fix it for ten beans or even for free. So we went there and they were just the height of rude. Wouldn’t look at us or talk to us, tried to hornswaggle us into leaving the machine there overnight for them to look at at their leasure. The bill would start at $40 and go up from there “depending on what he found”. Wouldn’t even admit to having that discussion over the phone. I said, “We’re just gonna take the machine somewhere else.”

After that we went to get our vacuum repaired and then cleaned the house. We cleaned all surfaces including windows, walls, doors, cabinets and countertops. It looks nice here.

Anywhere blahblahblah!

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