Day Fifty

I passed the heck out watching “Friday Night Lights” before I could post this. I’ve heard good things so I’m gonna give that show a whirl.

Yesterday was ai’ight. I bought some fabric to make a dress and went grocery shopping. Did some job hunting. Ate soup. All in all good day.

Sorry for the cutesiness of this picture. It was a last ditch effort. All the pictures I was taking looked so stupid and so I turned up the smiley dial to get a nice picture. And here you have it.

This picture of Kristyn is a total cheater move. I forgot to take a picture of her yesterday so here she is peeking over the arm of the chaise lounge where she is currently laying. I’m a bad girl.

Kristyn took today off so we can do some stuff around the house. We’re gonna deep clean and organize some shit. We also really need to do our taxes like whoa. Okay later.

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