Day Forty-nine

It was Nana’s 81st Birthday yesterday! She had an urge for fish and chips so they went to a place called Mulligan’s. My Mom said Nana got calls from all of her grandkids (including us guys) and had an all-together great day. She loves her some Jeopardy too so she was really into the robot action. Bc of that I found out Nana worked for IBM around WWII. Did NOT know that!

Anyway, here she is last year on her 80th. We got to fly home for it. So really it’s a year to the day since we’ve seen our families in the flesh. :/

Yesterday was kind of blahblahblah. I watched some X-Files, retooled my resume, applied to a buncha jobs and that was really all there was to the day.

People just moved in next door and just now I heard the guy holler, “IT’S T-SHIRT TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME…” Easiest way to my heart.

Kristyn had a “boring day at work” which is good because that means nothing disgusting, heinous or mind-meltingly aggravating happened to her. She kind of doesn’t like it when its boring through because she would rather be up and moving. I feel her.

Here she is eating her nightly popcorn. She loves that popcorn. I hate microwaved popcorn and it’s the one food item I WON’T make for her. But she’s working on me. She got me to do it the other night and now it all, “But you make it SO GOOD!” I’m onto you.

Bye now.

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