Day Forty-eight

I had a very stressful day. Forgot I had an appointment this morning until like a half hour before it. Totally messed up both of our mornings (and probably Kristin and Mike’s sorry guys). So mad at myself. We got everything done, no harm no foul but it took a while to let go of the anxiety which sucked.

Thankfully I just found Party Down so I’ve been watching episodes of it on Netflix Instant. Did a lot to calm me down. This show IS our lives right now in a lot of ways. Except it’s about struggling actors and about a catering company. We’re neither of those things but we ARE trying to get into the entertainment industry and constantly encountering weird “industry people” haha. Besides that shit, the show is hilarious in a more dry Arrested Development kinda way. So good.

Anyway here I am giving the camera “lamenting”.

So Kristyn went to her internship and I freaked out and then didn’t freak out and then napped. She came home and made us grilled cheese, fake sausage and the best damn tomato soup I’ve ever had. Then we went to Target and bought discount Valentine’s Day candy and some other stuff. We didn’t get each other anything this year for no damn reason. We didn’t even discuss it. Whatevs, next year. We both realized it on Sunday night and declared it a wash. I was just bummed that we didn’t buy candy at least. So we did that and it was good bc it was 50% off. Thrifty AND delicious.

Also we bought a goddamn dry erase board that is a big calendar. For a while we’d been using a notebook and writing down daily to do lists. It worked but it wasn’t a planner so we didn’t have a calendar in there. Plus we have diff things we need to do so we each got a little planner. But now we don’t know each other’s schedules. So after today’s snafu, we realized it would be best to write stuff down on a big calendar that we can both look at. As much a I’d love to blame myself for the presence of the new giant calendar, it’s been a long time comin. We both have a lot of sporadic appointments all the time that we can’t keep track of and with one car, we need to manage our schedules so that we can get around easier. I think this’ll really help. Anyway I’m babbling. Time to watch some Party Down!

Here’s Kristyn with a big ol’ Monster tail as a mustache.


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