Day Forty-five

Looking at the picture of myself below, the words that come to mind are:

Look at that Fraggle-ass honker on that gal’s grill!

You’d think that would stop me from posting it. But then you’d be wrong.

Also, I realize I look like I’m standing in front of some green screen image and it’s making me chuckle. I assure you I just took this picture not even five minutes ago in my own living room and not in a studio in Burbank (shout-out to Cosmic Toast, what what!).

And here is Kristyn, finally free of my torture. For HOURS I have been cruelly keeping her awake for a couple of reasons:

1) I want to hang out with her. 109% selfish.

2) Because if she goes straight to sleep, it’ll be time to go to work again and she got out of work at 9. Too early for bed!

But anyway I finally talked her straight into a coma. At the end of this project I am going to make a calendar for people with narcolept fetishes and Kristyn will be Miss January-Miss December. Ambassador for sleepy people lovers everywhere. This picture, I think is the crown jewel amirite?

Okay, I’m going to lay on the couch and watch The X Files until I fall asleep. Fanciful sleeping it is! G’nite!

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