Day Forty-four

Today we had our Valentine’s Day because we have something to do on actual Valentine’s Day. We went to a Fish & Chips place in Burbank called Buchanen Arms. It was cute and the fish was GOOD. Chips=eh but whatever. The server was really nice but he told us to order something else next time. Trust me, I wanted to. Why oh why don’t these places make veggie Bridies, Sausage Rolls, Meat Pies and Shepherd’s Pie?! Bastards.

There was a little British goods shop attached just like the Argyle only they were HELLA expensive. $6.95 for a package of Digestives! What?! Highway robbery. $2 for each candy bar. We bought and Irn Bru (Krissy’s poison), an Aero to split and a Cadbury caramel bar. Delightful.

Anyway I’m half watching The X Files. Really I should just go to bed. So g’nite!

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