Day Forty-three

Today we went for a walk at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary. It’s really just down the road from us but we haven’t been there in the daylight since Oct 2008 when we came out here on a trip. We came again the very first weekend we were here in LA Sept 2009 with Christine to see Pee Wee’s Great Adventure at Cinespia. Cinespia is something they do in the summer. They show old movies against a mausoleum and people come with chairs and pay a suggested donation. It’s cool bc they usually can get the cast to show up for the screening. Anyway, this picture of Kristyn is in front of the huge sprinklers they had going. We made an error and looked down into an open grave that already had a casket in it. They were putting another casket on top. You couldn’t see anything but dirt and a little of the top of the white casket but it freaked me a little. Me and my damn nosiness.

On a lighter note, here is a series of me showing a little bit of my sexy side. And we all know that HOTT is spelled DUCKFACE. Check out those bulging eyeball veins. Ya know Kristyn might be right, I might have a lazy eye. *Psssss…* (That’s the sound of sizzling that happens when I touch a finger to my ass.)

Also, I went swimming today. AND here are some pictures of Hollywood Forever:

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