Day Forty

I remembered to post this last night but made a conscious (ie. lazy) decision not to. We got some Chinese food at California Vegan as we did laundry. If you look closely, you can see that the brown rice is in the shape of a heart. Adorable. We both got Orange “Chick’n”.

We had to wait for our clothes to dry but it was okay because this laundromat had a TV and a couch. We went to a different place than we usually go. This place was in West Hollywood on Sunset. It’s a lil far but kind of inspired me to try new places. Hey if you’re gonna do laundry, might as well make it an adventure no?

Here is a series of escalating pictures I took of myself sitting on the couch in the laundromat. Please put on shades so as not to have to squint at my startling beauty. Also please forgive my pizza face. A misguided attempt to relieve myself of increasingly dry facial skin, lead me to the practice of slathering off-brand oil of olay on my face in a thick paste for this past week. Below, I give you the results of such an endeavor.

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