Day Thirty-nine

We’re sleepy as hell! I had an exhausting day of listening to MEN’s new album “Talk About Body”. Well it wasn’t tiring as much as delightful but still…I AM tired. (Which is probably because it’s 2:32am.)

Kristyn had a rough busy day at work.

Okay g’nite! No wait. The woman on line in front of me at Target today bought FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS worth of crap and I just can’t get over it. I could fly home to NJ for that AND have enough money to get around. I could take a three day cruise with that. (No?) IDK she paid in all cash. Wad of big bills. Maybe she robbed a bank? Whatever. She bought a turquoise queen-sized comforter and a season of Glee. Okay NOW GOODNIGHT.

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