Day Thirty-four

WordPress made an update for their app today that was so helpful that it’s been rendered totally useless. One of those “so good it went out the other side into bad again” type deals. Anyway, this might explain why there are possible two pictures of my doughy face instead of one picture of my doughy face and one cute picture of Lucky Kristyn and Monster.

So here is me trying to give the camera “stunned”. I think the camera is reading that as “brain-damaged” instead.

So this might be yet another picture of my face OR a loverly picture of Kristyn and Monster. I guess we’ll all find out after I publish it.

As for today:

1) Kristyn stayed home from her internship because she isn’t feeling well.
2) I hung out with the living dead in a sketchy area.
3) I opened a crazy woman’s Starbucks latte for her.
4) I got checked out by a crazy guy.
5) We played Harry Potter Lego and beat it finally. The feeling of victory was somewhat temporary when we realized that all we did to defeat Voldemort was press the B button. We high fived and Kristyn said, “That was definitely a children’s game I think.” Still so good.
6) Kristyn got an article she wrote about a band she loves retweeted by the band!
7) Then she got a really awesome opportunity that I won’t discuss until she does. It’s her news. BUT, so exciting!
8) Talked on the horn with my Momma.
9) More Harry Potter Lego but this time we are going through and playing with evil characters because there are a lot of things you can only do with dark magic. What?

And that’s about that. G’nite!

P.S. If the pictures are fuckocked I’ll fix’m in the morn!

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