Day Thirty-two

I knew I was gonna forget to post this before I went to sleep last night and I did like a dummy.

Yesterday was a much better day. I got out of the house for a bit and went to Amoeba to get a replacement needle for our record player. Turns out they were out of stock. It was refreshing to be outside though and to drive around LA. I haven’t been outside of the house for a while.

Here I am looking blotchy bc I had probably just been picking at my face. I’m awesome what can you say?

And I forgot to take a picture of Lil Krissy yesterday so here’s one from just a second ago. Isn’t she lovely?

This picture is kind of dark but man was it nice to see those palm trees?

Also we are not in my sister’s wedding anymore. It’s not what we wanted and are upset about it. I don’t want to talk about it but I don’t want there to be any whispering about it either. So you heard it here first. It’s a shitty situation but it’s one can’t be resolved. It just is what it is and we wish them the absolute best!

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