Day Thirty

My back is a LOT better today. I’m definitely on the mend. It’s REALLY stiff in the morning and lessens throughout the day. It was hard to even turn over in bed this morning let alone get out of it. A few hours later I could get up with ease but once I was up, it took a few steps to straighten out. Not a good look on a job interview.

Now I feel 100% but tomorrow morning I’ll be back to stiff again. I’m terrified of this getting any worse because we can’t afford to take me to a doctor since we don’t have insurance. So I’ve been taking it easy this week and will continue to until Monday. Then it’s back in the saddle NO MATTER WHAT.

I spent the early part of today dealing with taxes. AGAIN. Not thrilling. The day became better once I finished some items on my to do list. I watched a couple of episodes of Medium to catch up because I hadn’t watched it in a while. I knew it was going off the air but had NO IDEA I was watching the fng series finale!!! Way to broadside a bitch. I had just finished putting on my makeup and then it all got wet from crying. *sads*

I had taken a different picture to add of Kristyn but took this one while Kristyn was dozing. I asked if she was asleep and in a faraway singsong voice she said, “It’s just so nice to lay here and do nothing. I’m pretending I’m a cat like Monster.” A-dorable.

I made a mini version of my Mom’s Baked Ziti tonight too. We had Veggie Italian Sausage with it. SO GOOD.

I’m watching Buffy so Kristyn can continue her pre-bedtime nap on the couch. I feel sorry for Spike. :/

P.S. I finally put on actual clothes today and it helped me feel a LOT better. I really didn’t do good of a job with it but I can’t put anything on that I am afraid the cats will mess up. Hence the technicolor masterpiece you see below:

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