Day Twenty-nine

I had a pretty okay day. Back still hurts but not as bad. Made some calls, did some paperwork (or tried to anyway), applied to some jobs. I spend the largess of the day trying to get pictures off my damn phone. There were 1,900 of them and now I’m down to 900. That’s not great but it’s pretty damn good. While fixing the picture situation, I watched Buffy Season 7, crocheted a Christmas blanket and thumbed through Reader’s Digest. Yes I know it’s not 2002 and yes I know I’m not 90. And no I don’t know why the good people at Reader’s Digest sent us their magazine, only that we were both delighted to see it (but will not be subscribing thankyouverymuch).

Kristyn had a fun day at work too which is always nice considering the hell the holidays put her through. Busy, busy, busy. Anyway, she’s home now and we’re going to sleep. Gotta get up bright ‘n’ early!


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