Day Twenty-seven

Today was a 2 on a scale of 10. No I’ll give it a 5 because I had a dream that Sawyer from Lost was my boyfriend. He was really sweet and asked me to move to Cincinnati with him and I turned him down. I would only move to Cincinnati with Kristyn! Also we played Harry Potter Lego and you KNOW how I go on about that game…

The reason today would have otherwise been a 2 is because I threw my back out while getting ready this morning. I was pulling on my tights when my back spasmed BAD. I think it’s because I fell this weekend AND slept on an air mattress. I had a lot of plans today that were ruined. I spent the day on living room floor instead. Boo.

I’m gonna watch Maude till I pass out. I took an old muscle relaxer and it’s making me woozie. G’nite!

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