Day Twenty-six

We had a good day today. We went window shopping at a really awesome military surplus store in Burbank. After that we went to Amoeba Music to look at their records.

Then we went to an Indian restaurant in Hollywood. It was the bomb.

Recently my Grandma was telling me about Scottish folk music dances she used to go to at her church. I decided I wanted to get into learning more about Scottish and Irish music and luckily Amoeba had an entire section of Celtic folk albums. I found this one for a bean! I didn’t even realize tomorrow is Robert Burns day. I’ve never been to a Burns dinner but maybe I’ll do an informal one myself next year. With veggie haggis. Anyway, serendipity.

And this is the Indian restaurant we went to. It was DELICIOUS. What’s weird is that you have to ring a bell and then get buzzed in. It looks closed from the outside because it’s all shuttered up. BUT ONCE YOU GET IN, they have a really lovely patio to eat outside and then an indoor seating area that is really pretty. So good.

Okay g’nite!

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