Day Twenty-one

Okay again I can’t talk because we’re playing Harry Potter Lego. We just started book three! Um what I WILL tell you about today though was that it was sort of “All work and no play makes Coleen a dull girl.” Lots of stupid phone calls and paperwork. Call to LA Housing. Call to federal school loan lender. Call to CA tax takers. Call to job counselor. Another phone call with another job counselor. Websites. Paperwork. Wrong paperwork. Confusion. And then Buffy for one hour and then Kristyn came home thank gawd.

Hey look at that I told you everything anyway. So. Boring. Even in the retelling. Question: Would you choose to he immortal if tax day came once a month?

I leave you to chew over that question while beholding THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD!!!

Ahem. No let’s try that again. I give you…THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD!!!

That’s better. Gnite!

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