Day Nineteen

Today we have a lightening round of photos. I’d call them bonus but there are just so many.

This first one is an out-take from earlier today. I believe this is what I changed INTO to make the man at the door regard me as sane persons. The pose is supposed to reflect befuddlement. I sent it to my sister because I was trying to look up bridesmaid dresses with sleeves and kept getting transferred to LDS Bridal websites which I didn’t even know was a thing. Also you saw the one I actually sent Christine in the “Piggy Bitch” post WHICH after hours of quiet contemplation (not really), I realised was because I

a) called myself a piggy on here on Saturday
b) have a pretty liberal policy on the word bitch in terms of “words I do and don’t use up in here”

THIS one is in response to a picture that my friend Silvia texted me of my friend Don all covered in duct tape to make a dress form. Don inspired me to make one and I texted back with m’tape! Also, this outfit is close to what I had on when the guy knocked on the door only my bangs were involved in the headband making me exhibit mad potato head.

And this one was taken approximately ten minutes ago. We just got back from a show at the Echoplex. Kristyn’s covering two bands from New Brunswick, NJ! La Sera and The Screaming Females! This time Nina (who works with Kristyn and whose house we went to for Thanksgiving) took Kristyn by the hand and pressed two pairs of ear plugs into her paw. Our ears might have been ringing all damn week from the Babies show but Nina’s eyes must have been ringing from our constant dramatic Facebook updates regarding the status of our ears. Thank you Nina!!! Seriously, SO so much better. Sometimes you really need someone to lead you to water haha.

Here is Kristyn, fast asleep. But…

…then you find out she is a faker!!!! I took the first picture and gave it to her to look at. She felt her clasped hands looked like two different people’s hands and demanded a reshoot. She told me that as the (cellphone) photographer it was my duty to tell her when things are looking good.

So I just let her settle down into a dreamy sleep state look and then screamed, “Lookin good!”

So then I let her calm down again and screamed, “Really! You’ve never looked better!” We did this for a very long time.

Then I gave Kristyn the phone to select her photo and she went with the sleepy one. She told me specifically NOT to mention that her hands look like two different people’s hands clasped together. And so I won’t!

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