I Love Ricky Gervais!


I didn’t get to watch the Golden Globes last night but I’ve been reading about them today and I wish I did watch them! Above is his opening monologue and it got a few big laughs out of me. The Mel Gibson joke is a throwaway but I like what he said about Charlie Sheen even though I’m sick to death of hearing about that guy (and ALWAYS have been).

“He invited a porn star to dinner and introduced her to his ex-wife, as you do, went back to the room, got naked and trashed the place while the porn star hid in a cupboard. And this is a MONDAY! What did he do on New Year’s Eve?!”

I loved what he said about Cher and Sex and the City II also haha.

“Ladies, we know how old you are. I think I saw one of you in Bonanza.”

Genius haha.

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