Day Seventeen

I really don’t have any action to report to you today since I was online from dawn till dusk. Unless you really want specifics on all the nerdy things I did with my computer today, I think I’ll do us all a favor and skip past it. I will say that I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I didn’t even watch Buffy. DIDN’T! EVEN! WATCH! BUFFY! FYI Sarah Michelle Gellar is filming a tv pilot that sounds pretty good apparently. I think she’s on the run from the mob (?) and takes over her twin sister’s life (?) and then finds out she, too, has a price over her head (?)? Either way I’m sold.

Below is a picture of someone (a piggy) who didn’t even take a goddamn bath today. Ask her (me) if she’s (I’m) sorry. NO she’s (I’m) not.

And here’s poor Krissy, sleepy as usual. She started working 11am-9pm today which suits her way better than 2pm-11pm but she had to get up early after getting up early yesterday and staying out until like 1am waiting for the show to finish. She asked me to put on the end of “Crybaby” and I hollered at her and said I wouldn’t because she’s just going to fall asleep right away. (She missed the ending last week for the same reason.) I caved immediately and put it on and she proved me right immediately by falling asleep during the first scene haha. Good times. She and Monster are fast asleep together right now and I’m fading fast meself. G’nite!

Wait! Wait! Before I go…Doesn’t it look like Monster is looking into a mirror? We bought that pillow because a cat and a bunny that look just like Monster and Chucky are on it. Didn’t plan this picture though it’s just how it came out haha.

P.S. I REALLY have to start getting pictures of Kristyn when she’s awake. I swear to God she’s alert sometimes. Back me up guys!

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