Day Fifteen

This one’s gonna be a quickie for two reasons:

1) Not much happened today. I went grocery shopping and ate minestrone. Kristyn went to work and ate veggie sausage. Good day in that it was, on a whole, unremarkable and therefore nondramatic which is how he likes it. “This is how he likes it. This is how he wears it.”

2) We are in bed and about to pass out. Kristyn, I think, has already gone to the land of nod without a bitch. She passed out in the car on the way home. (I picked her up from work.)

Okay that’s it. G’nite!

Here I am posing with a gorgeous photo of Betty White from the calendar Christine gave us. Kristyn said I look like a chola and she isn’t wrong. Hey if there is a place to look like a chola, right here is it as we are like two seconds from Echo Park. Just call me Giggles.

And here is Kristyn already willing herself back to sleep. She has to go to her internship in the morning and has been sleepy for a while now as it is.

Okay, for serious…goodnight!

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