Day Fourteen

Well, I didn’t get to see Billy Idol OR Tommy Lee. I DID get to take red carpet photos though, mostly of the cast of Cirque Berserk. The biggest celebs that I got to shoot were Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips. The show itself was really great. I’m going to write the review and link it tomorrow. For now, I’m beat. Here I am taking a picture of myself in front of the red carpet like a nerd. I wasn’t the only press person doing this thankfully haha.

Kristyn, as it turns out, had a much worse day than I did because she had a dog poop on her at work. She actually changed her clothes (she keeps a spare in her locker) and washed them in a washer/dryer. She changed back into them and like an hour later another dog peed all down the front of her. She actually had to change AGAIN and rewash and redry her scrubs again. If you recall we just did laundry on Monday haha.

Anyway, she took a quick shower the minute we got in. Kristyn wins for bad day and I win the pouter of the year award considering I bitched about my day but got to take red carpet pictures of Danny Masterson while Kristyn was repeatedly getting voided on. I’m an idiot (and a jerk).

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