Day Eleven

I took down the Christmas Tree today. The neighbors must think we’re crazy because we put a bunch of empty boxes in the courtyard last night and now I added a tree to that mess. And our tree came with a disposable stand so it’s just standing there in the middle of everything. I swept up some of the needles but I’m not allowed to use the vacuum so I’ll have to wait for Kristyn to suck them up tomorrow. I’m not allowed to use the vacuum because it ALWAYS stops working when I use it. Electronic stuff always goes bananas around me for some reason. Maybe my brain is too chaotic or something haha. Also I’m going to wait until Kristyn gets home to put the tree in the trash. I need the bottom though because my friend Don Donaldson inspired me to make my own dress form! Coming soon to a bedroom near you.

I’m also cleaning out our bedroom closet. Right now I’m on a break from it. I’m trying to pack some stuff because we want to move within the next few months. I also need to go through all of my clothes and get rid of some crap I’ve been holding onto and use other stuff that got buried.

I watched the beginning of season six of Buffy today and now I’m watching the first Rocky while I clean. Oh! The episode of Desperate Housewives I was (supposed to be) on aired tonight. I didn’t see it but I got cut. Ah well, next time!

One last thing, I’m sorry for how mundane these daily posts are but I realized that if I blog what I did each day with my post, I’ll know exactly what I did for every day of the year for at least one year of my life. Watch this be the most boring year of my life haha.

Anyway, here’s Kristyn, Day Seven!!!

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