Kristyn, Day Five

I picked Kristyn up from work at 9, we picked some stuff up at the grocery store. Then we bitched about some various things for a little while, ate some frozen pizza and then both did a little work. Kristyn did some laundry and I made a calendar for the Craig Ferguson Show. Oh I still have to talk about that. That, Desperate Housewives, the People’s Choice and Peaches Christ Superstar. I actually have like four or so blogs written that are just lazing about in my drafts folder, getting less and less relevant by the second. Speaking of outdated events, I also have a few posts languishing about regarding the trip out here. And there is a LOT more where that came from. Sorry if reading them is boring like looking at someone else’s vacation slides. IT’S FOR POSTERITY FOOLS! Anyway, here is Kristyn and some rude little cat feet:

We’re going to drink wine and play Harry Potter Lego now! (Is it me or do I end every post like that?)

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