Day Nine

I don’t know why but I have been confused all damn day. I can’t make up my mind about anything.

Anyway, I’m waiting on news about a job and it’s starting to get kind of excruciating. BUT in the case of this particular company (where I’ve almost been hired before), I know that they do a lengthy background check and then send you a letter letting you know if they’re going to “go a different way”. SO no news is basically good news for the time being. I interviewed for this job about a week before Christmas so I think that the holidays added some padding to the process since everyone was out of the office for the better part of two weeks (and is likely slammed now including this company’s HR). So I’m a little nervous but I’ll deal with it either way. I almost keep hoping I’ll get something in the mail from them but then I remind myself that mail = bad news. I’ve been checking and rechecking my email like crazy too. Driving myself bananas.

And here is my picture for today. I am giving the camera “BOREDOM!” because I am trying to install my printer to my laptop because I have a bunch of documents to print out and I’m tired of going to the library when we have a goddamn printer. I ought to explain that sentence since it’s nonsensical but it’s a boring explanation and we come off stupid in it so I’ll spare you.

Anyway, here I am! (Don’t be jealous of my lack of knuckles!)

Kristyn is at work still. She picked up today at the vet hospital so she could switch with a girl and get Wednesday off for the People’s Choice Awards. From what I gather, she’s having a good day so that makes me happy. I’ll post her grill later. This printer is taking FOREVER!

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