Kristyn, Day Two

Here’s a picture of Kristyn. I just took this a second ago and she is still sitting in the same spot. We just had veggie Sloppy Joe’s with a side of Mac and Cheese for dinner. We went to H&M so Kristyn could buy some clothes with her Christmas money after I picked her up from work.

ALSO, and this is bananas, we might be going to the People’s Choice Awards tomorrow. It’s not set in stone so I shouldn’t even be saying anything but I just can’t even. I’ll tell you more about it when I know more about it. I really hope this works out of we’re gonna be bummed.

Either way though, THIS is why LA is so crazy. One week we can be crying our eyeballs out, planning on moving home and slapping a “FAIL” on this whole endeavor but then the next week we can be going to the People’s Choice Awards. Oh LA, what am I gonna do with you?

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