Day Seven

We went to the People’s Choice Awards!!! More on that later. For now here is my Day Seven and Kristyn’s Day Three of the 365 Face Project. (Although Kristyn is already shaking things up with not wanting to just show her face.) Here I am in the parking lot outside the Nokia Theater (glamorous as usual):

Here’s Kristyn inside the Theater. She opted for the smart move and documented her face’s location more notably. I just liked this particular picture of my face and pulled a vanity maneuver. Oh well. You’ll see a similar picture of me later and go, “Yeah I can see why you’d choose to immortalize this picture over that one.”

Okay gonna go get changed, drink some Two Buck Chuck and play some Harry Potter LEGO!

P.S. WordPress App = Worst App in the App store and is about
to make me have a temper tantrum on this holiest of evenings.

P.S. #2 NO I am not trying to post my face twice BUT I will tell you this much, if the app posts my face twice instead of mine and Kristyn’s this time, it stays haha.

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