Day Six

I am currently out and about running some errands and fooling around. Right now I’m sitting in the car in Glendale. I just wrote Lori and Billy back. I also made some calls, etc. We went shopping last night and I got some clothes for “future work” with Christmas money. Now I feel ready and raring to go, I just need someone to HIRE ME already so’s I can wear my pretty, profesh clothes somewhere. So here I am, eyes closed and foolish as ever!

And Kristyn wants to do the 365 Face Project too but said, “I don’t have time to do that shit!” SO I’ll post’m all here and hopefully I’ll remember to do hers every day. Even if not it’ll still be fun to see the result. BUT who am I kidding I take at least one picture of Kristyn a day. It’ll be easier to remember to do hers than mine haha. Okay ta.

P.S. Regarding Kristyn’s picture, it was taken in the Glendale Galleria Target. She said, “In the picture, can you tell that the cardinal is angry?”

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