On the Road, Day Four, MN, part five

Last we spoke, we were leaving the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum. I’d really like to say that we didn’t stay in the Museum for too long resulting in Edith peeing in her cage but if I said that, I would be lying. It was then that we realized that Edith needs pee breaks more often than everyone else. Lesson learned! Also so you know, as a recap, we only drove 8-10 hours and stopped plenty to stretch ours (and the animal’s legs), go to the bathroom and drink plenty of water.

Anyway, we left the museum and it wasn’t long before the sun started to go down. We’d had a long day anyway and decided to get a room.

The room that we got was something of a doozy. This room may not look like much at first but the hotel itself was a total work of art. I think this was a Days Inn or something corporate but the woman at the front desk owned the hotel and treated it like a MAJOR CRAFT PROJECT. She had a really interesting mix of loopy creativity and friendliness. She kept running off to add decorations to rooms. The hallways were FULL of her own paintings!

We smuggled the animals in, roamed the halls for a while and then retired to the room to take pictures, giggle and relax.

If you look closely you can see little crafty “additions” that the owner made to all of the corporate-hotely decor haha.

Approaching, we find our favorite feature of the room.

It’s this! Before you write it off, look closer.

Lions and tigers!

In a hotel in Minnesota! Who knew?

Here are Monster and Elvira chilling on the window sill. The animals understandably loved the hotel rooms. New smells, a chance to stretch their legs, food, good times!

Here is Kristyn in her PJ’s. We were always bone tired when we got to the hotels even though we’d usually retire by like 6 or 7pm at the latest. This night I think by the time we got settled, it was closer to 8 or 9 because we did so many things. It was a good day.

The cherry on top is this picture of Edith. I don’t know what would make one sit comfortably on a bed with your tongue sticking this far out of your mouth but I CAN say that Edith pokes her tongue out when she’s happy and content. I think we can safely assume she was happy to get a lil R&R.

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