On the Road, Day Five, SD, part two

We drove for about an hour or two and then basically just stopped at the first attraction we saw.  I don’t remember what this place is called (let’s call it “Fossil World”) but it is right before Badlands National Park (which was our intended goal).

Here you have Kristyn being riveted by a tale of Petrified Wood.

That old trailer thing was pretty cool actually.

As was this old, beaten house!

For a nominal fee, you could select your own gemstones but we passed and instead took some pictures of them.

Inside were a bunch of fossilized sometimes-prehistoric animal/dinosaur heads and feet (etc).  It was actually pretty interesting since all of this stuff comes from this region originally.  Wait until I show you what the Badlands actually looks like and you can totally imagine dinosaurs and weird creatures wandering around.

For a vegetarian/diehard animal lover, I do love me some pictures of disembodied heads.

These pictures are actually from the gift shop.  Mom, it was in this shop that I bought you that gold-dipped leaf necklace I sent you with Nana’s Halloween Blanket!  Later on this day, we have an “encounter” with one of these guys.  Look.  At.  The.  Size.  Of.  That.  Goddamn.  Head.  Remember this.

Here I am, triumphantly wearing my Liza hoodie, armed with the knowledge that even trees are petrified of dinosaurs.  Hyuk hyuk.

I swear the pictures get a lot more interesting from here on out!

P.S. Our friend Katie hollerated at us for stopping here. She is the one who inspired us to visit the Badlands after blogging about it on her travel blog Wanderful. Give it a read! Anyway she said this place looked boring and she is mostly right. We were SO EXCITED though and ready to just take a look at everything and anything!

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