On the Road, Day Five, SD, part four

And here we are driving out of the Badlands.  In case you’re wondering why I show you such mundane things when there are places to be seen…it’s because I know that in reading someone’s blog, it’s preferable to see the people involved rather than all places you have literally NO emotional attachment to.  Can I get a high five?!  At least can I get a “good lookin out”?  No?

Well here’s a tidbit.  We still have the Golden Girls, Frida and all of the good luck talismans everyone gave us when we left in the car.  We are now superstitious that if the are removed, the car will dissect itself and we can’t afford such tomfoolery to happen.

The interesting thing about leaving the Badlands is Wall Drug.  We passed a couple pretty urgent signs commanding us to head to Wall Drug.

The road was straight and had no turns so it seemed pretty inevitable that we’d get to Wall Drug but didn’t mind if we didn’t.

The closer we got, however, the more feverish the signage.  This upped the ante for our own level of interest.  Hmm, maybe there IS something to see at Wall Drug!

Wait, is this Wall Drug?

No this whole BLOCK is Wall Drug.  We hastily parked and hoofed it inside.

As it turns out, Wall Drug is an intense gift shop.

Well no.  Wall Drug is a SERIES of intense gift shops.  All of the shops are interlocking and you pass from one into the next seamlessly driven forward by one curiosity after the next.

Then you reach a hallway where you find more shops.  Wait, what?

Also, you find heads.  Lots more heads.

And this guy.  I’m sorry I didn’t get a clearer picture of this guy.  He was amazing, life-sized and carved from wood.

They even had a narrow, corridor of a chapel.  Interesting.

I would really LOVE to say that the crowning achievement of Wall Drug is this Jackelope.  I don’t know if people in the Badlands watched a shitload of America’s Funniest Home videos in the early 90’s or if people in this area of the country sent in a hilarious home video that resulted in creating something of a zany mascot.  We have a chicken or the egg type situation up in here.  Either way, I parted with some cold hard cash to have a fuzzy bank in the shape of a jackalope.  Yup, yup.

Probably the highlight of Wall Drug was that they offer you free icewater. The day had steadily grown hotter until it was somewhat unbearable. We zipped through Wall Drug, gulped two ice waters and brought some out to the animals which they gladly imbibed.

Off to the next stop!

3 thoughts on “On the Road, Day Five, SD, part four

  1. Thanks for sharing about your time in South Dakota! I am so glad that you stopped at Wall Drug, it actually is a pretty neat place if people take some time and take in what it has to offer – we are glad that you did! What a great history that business has. AND, I am very happy to hear that you brought home a Jackalope – it’s fun telling tall tales to people making them believe they actually exsist out here in “rugged South Dakota.” When one of those babies runs across the road and you hit it, you’ll pop a tire every time! ;)

    Thanks for sharing,
    Katlyn Richter
    South Dakota Office of Tourism

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