On the Road, Day Five, MN & SD, part one

We got a good night’s rest and got off to an early start.  Typically we would get up at 6am to leave the hotel by 7am.  We wanted to be out of the room before the front desk started rustling and paying attention to what everyone was doing.  We started out on this trip intending to be honest about the animals and pay their way but a lot of hotels way way WAY overcharged to keep an animal in the room (let alone four) and we just couldn’t afford it.  Luck must have been on our side because we were never caught but never fear.  We made sure to erase all evidence of said fur babies and it was as if they were never there!  Here is Kristyn stowing away said evidence.  Let’s title this picture “Cunning/Sleepiness”.

Typically we ate at McDonald’s EVERY SINGLE MORNING.  Before you chastise, we did this because we could get it and eat it in the car with the animals.  We tried to make any separation from the animals as really brief as possible.  Even if it looks like we stopped for long periods of time at places, just know that I have a really serious camera that shoots a lot of pictures FAST.  Ten-fifteen minutes TOPS and thats if we were dawdling.

We pulled over on the side of this road because the view was STUNNING.  I shot a picture of the car because it’s actually Kristyn’s parents’.  They traded ours (well Kristyn’s) for theirs before we left because this one is more reliable.  (THANK YOU!)  I figured it would be funny to see the car on it’s progress cross-country.  Turns out we’d slept just outside the South Dakota border so world, meet South Dakota!

And here is what we pulled over to take pictures of.  These hay bales were rolled up in the fields all over the place.

And here is one so you can get an idea of how large they actually are:

Yours truly was taking millions of pictures of this fence and standing crazy close to it before Kristyn realized and pointed out that it was electrified.  Good lookin out son!

Here’s just some corn and hay.  Pretty and high fructose corn syrupy.

We had taken 80 West when we left NJ.  We followed that to Chicago and then went up to 90 to find Blue Earth (Jolly Green Giant) and Laura Ingall’s crib.

We had no idea what we were driving down into because that body of water wasn’t on the map.  We were using a few maps to get our bearings.  We had a US Map with main highways and arteries on it and then a more detailed state by state book.  We also used our iPhones to navigate a lot but it wasn’t that reliable because, as it turns out, much of the US is not serviced by AT&T! (And if it is, it’s spotty at best.  Seriously us guys on the coasts should really learn to appreciate what we have because it’s A LOT.)

And HERE is my dagger and crocheting!  Lou gave us this little gem of a weapon for defending ourselves against attacks and for cutting off stray yarn when it was time to switch colors on our crocheting projects.  Don’t worry, it wasn’t longer than the width of my palm and strapped nicely to my calf.

When we got to that little city at the bottom of the hill, we found a small little kind of racist quaint town with a Mickey D’s! I believe I recall getting screamed at by the drive through cashier but I guess you can’t say we weren’t asking for it.

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