Day Five

Today is Kristyn’s day off and she’s had a rough, rough weekend. We DID get exciting, great news yesterday but I can’t share it just yet! Anyway we slept in, had a nice breakfast, researched stuff to do for Kristyn’s upcoming birthday (OMG!!) and now we’re off to Target to pick up some stuff with the Target gift card Lynn, Tommy and the boys gave us! (Thanks again guys!) Here I am posing in front of all of the Christmas cards everyone generously sent us! I took a better picture of all of’m and I’ll post it later. Thanks guys!

In our minds we are going to be capable of shopping for a few hours then taking down the tree AND playing some games. I’m placing a bet on the tree not getting done today! Although that bitch is DEAD. Still pretty but really should get to steppin. One of the cats yakked pine needles up into Kristyn’s work sneakers this afternoon. Good times. Later.

P.S. My Mom is reading the Harry Potter books for the first time and I’m so jealous!!!!

P.S. #2 If my blogs come up all wonky and weirdly indented it’s because of my stupid WordPress app on my phone.  I don’t know why but there is always some kind of ridiculous error with that app.  Sometimes I can’t upload pictures.  Sometimes it freezes.  Sometimes it pulls up a post but retitles it the title of an old post.  Now it creates these really seriously weird line breaks all throughout my posts.  And yet, I bravely soldier on.

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