Moving to LA: The Saga Continues

Okay so I started writing posts about our trip moving out here but stopped mid-story. I want to finish this project (for my own memory’s sake and your own potential enjoyment/curiosity). I’m already starting to forget details and I don’t want to because this trip was a huge part of my life as well as a LOT of fun. Before I continue with the story, here is a recap of all of the places we went. Click on the pictures if you want a recap. They’ll bring you to the post they originated from:

I started by showing you the day we left and all the sad pictures of our lonely, empty, pretty apartment (that we still miss constantly since we currently live in a dank shoebox dump).

We left NJ and only made it to about the end of Pennsylvania following Route 80. I was bummed that we didn’t make it to Ohio but we were exhausted and ready to stop. Little did I know we were actually only ten minutes from OH. Haha what can you do?

We drove through Ohio and into Illinois. We stopped in Gary, Illinois to go to the Jackson Family’s original house. It was very small and very interesting.

We got a hotel room just outside of Chicago. We went to the Chicago Diner for dinner and had awesome American-style vegan food. We were dead on our feet after that and just went straight to bed.

The next morning, we drove straight into Wisconsin (cheese country) and stopped at a really cute cheese shop. We took this picture of a cow’s ass there.

We drove into Minnesota and after a few hours on the road, wanted to see something interesting again. So…we went to a taxidermy shop! It was only mildly terrifying but the proprietor was nice so that was good.

We got up in the morning and we were STILL in Minnesota.  That’s okay because Minnesota is seriously a really nice place to be.  Lord knows we spent enough time there.  Anyway here are some wind turbines for your viewing pleasure.

We found an *ahem* GIANT Jolly Green Giant Statue in Blue Earth, MN.

Then we took a detour and drove to Mankato, Sleepy Eye and Walnut Grove. LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE OBSESSED AND I’M NOT SORRY.

Here is Kristyn sitting inside Laura’s classroom/church.

Okay, so what I’ve shown you already is only four days into a nine day trip!   The USA is HUGE dudes.

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