Hey Loser!

Dear Loser,

If your day consists of trying to mess up someone else’s day based on something that you read here…Get a life. Better yet, why don’t you try to get ahead the old fashioned elbow-grease way rather than the step-on-someone’s-neck way? People are beginning to notice that you’re all jokes and get out of jail free cards. I know this is going to seem like a foreign concept, but there are actually some people that simply work hard if they want things! Sure it’s not as quick as say, manipulating situations to your advantage or sullying other people’s names but at least there’s honor in it. Also, when you’re messing with her, you don’t know who you’re messing with because she is a brick wall. Smart, ACTUALLY funny and a great person. The real deal, the whole package. And you’re just a joke.


P.S. For everyone else, just know that everything is fine, sometimes you just have to deal with a gnat.

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