We had a great Christmas!

I’m a week late in posting this but who cares? I have been partying and having a good time all week. I gave myself sort of a self-imposed vacation. I ate Christmas cookies, drank Two Buck Chuck, watched Buffy and crafted. It’s been wonderful. I also managed to crank out some work and hustle and bustle a bit but I definitely took a week to turn the hustling down to a dull roar. This week, it’s time to turn it back up again haha.

Anyway, we ALSO had a great New Year’s Eve but I’ll tell you about that later. Last year we had sort of a “meh” Christmas because Kristyn had to work both Christmas Eve AND Christmas. We Skyped with everyone and got lots of good prezzies but we were homesick and apart and it was kind of blah.

This year Kristyn had off for Christmas Eve (but worked on Christmas). This is good because Kristyn’s favorite part of the entire Christmas season is going over to her Aunt Alison and Uncle Rich’s for dinner. (ie. She loves celebrating on Christmas Eve.) My family always celebrated on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day because we’d rotate going to see either side of the family on each day.

ANYWAY. On Christmas Eve Eve, I baked like six or seven dozen Ricotta Cookies, two dozen Gingerbread cookies and made two dozen Potato Scones to have for breakfast (not two dozen for breakfast that’s just how much the recipe made haha). I cleaned the house from top to bottom and even wrapped all of the presents our family sent us! Kristyn came home after work at like 1:30am and was mad at me because she had stopped by Walgreen’s to pick out some stuff to put in my stocking as a surprise but I had her debit card on me haha. So we went to Walgreen’s in Hollywood and shopped for a while. We didn’t get home until probably around 3 or so. We chilled, I showed Kristyn all the stuff I’d made and we went to bed watching Buffy.

In the morning, I cued the Yule Log up on the laptop. Here it is:

And we started opening our presents. We got SO MUCH from everyone and we are SO grateful and were SO surprised! I don’t want to list everything because I don’t want to brag or make anyone feel funny but a sampling of what we got is:

* A box of cookies, candy and fun stuff from Matt and Rachel
* Two vegetarian cookbooks from our Moms
* A gift certificate to Trader Joe’s from Aunt Alison and Uncle Rich and the boys
* A box of goodies from my Mom and Nana. Inside were some holiday decorations, Christmas socks, a springform pan to make Apple Cake and a hand-written cookbook. The cookbook made me bawl my eyes out because it’s all hand-written family recipes from my Mom and Nana and even one photo-copied and stapled in that my Great Grandma wrote herself. I grew up with her and think of her as almost like a second Mom. She passed away when I was about thirteen so to see her handwriting again just…it made me really happy and cry a LOT. Haha.
* A gift certificate that let’s you choose any kind of outing you want in California from Kristyn’s brother Charlie, Linda and the kids.
* A gift certificate to our favorite store Target from Kristyn’s sister Lynn, Tommy and the boys.
* And my sister sent us something but it didn’t come until just this past Tuesday so I’ll put it in the New Year’s Eve post. Trust. It’s awesome.
* Grandma Barr sent us money to buy something for ourselves with. So sweet.
* Kristyn’s parents went crazy and sent us EVERYTHING haha. Comforter, dishes, pots, pans, utensils, slippers.

And that isn’t even everything. We are really SO LUCKY and made out like bandits. It wasn’t even the gifts themselves just the thought. Also we got a ton of Christmas cards which we LOVE. Thank you EVERYONE!!!

Oh and with Christmas money we put some stuff in our stockings and decided to buy The Michael Jackson Experience and Harry Potter LEGO. OMG SUCH GOOD GAMES!!! More on that later.

So on Christmas Eve morning, we opened prezzies and gave the animals treats. We then called our Parents and Grandmas to wish them a Merry Christmas. We didn’t eat breakfast until like 3pm haha. We had fake Taylor Ham and cheese on toast, scrambled tofu and potato scones with coffee. So good.

We then cleaned up the horrific Christmas mess we’d made. We let the cats play in the melee of the boxes and paper mess until they got tired out haha. Then we played the Michael Jackson Experience for a while.

After that we decided to make the Pee Wee Herman Shrinky Dinks that I’d bought for two beans at a thrift store a few weeks ago. We’re going to make them into ornaments for the tree. I’ve only done Shrinky Dinks like once and Kristyn has never done them so this was a lot of fun. It was really satisfying to see them curl up in the oven haha.

After that we were kind of hungry so we started on dinner. I made my Mom’s famous ziti (the recipe for which came in the hand-written cookbook). In the pictures below you’ll see that she wrote “Eat like a pig, sleep like a baby” in the book. This is in regards to this recipe hahaha. We found fake shrimp at Whole Foods recently so Kristyn decided to make her Aunt Alison’s Shrimp Scampi with it. (FYI, we do eat shrimp sometimes, we just wanted to try this fake stuff out. It wasn’t bad.) So for dinner we had Baked Ziti, “Shrimp” Scampi, Fake Italian Sausage, Biscuits and Wine. For dessert we had Christmas Cookies.

After we ate, we were kind of stuffed to the gills so we played Harry Potter LEGO until we couldn’t take it anymore. GODDAMN is that a good game. Highly recommended!

On Christmas morning, we got up and had a good breakfast (Facon, Biscuits and Potato Scones with coffee). Then it was time for Kristyn to leave for work. She had kind of a rough day but we drank wine and played Harry when she got home so that kind of evened things out haha.

I had a great day. I watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (my favorite), drank coffee, made a LOT of progress on a dress I’m sewing, fooled around with Kristyn’s Mom’s sewing machine, watched a TON of Buffy and drank some wine.

Overall it was a great Christmas and here is the proof. The pictures start on the one where Kristyn and Monster are kissing in front of the tree. This is at like 3am on Christmas Eve haha:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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