Day One

There are a lot of people who do 365 photography projects each year. A 365 photo project is where you challenge yourself to take one photo a day for an entire year. I’ve never been compelled to do one myself because I take way more than one picture a day and it seemed a bother to have to make a “thing” out of it. The only 365 photos that really interest me though are the ones where people take a photo of themselves every day. I looked through one last year that was amazing because the girl made a video out of it. It was interesting to see how her makeup, hair and expressions changed over the year. Anyway, I was just reading something about a 365 project and realized I should make one of just me. I take a bajillion pictures but I’m never in any of them because I am photo shy. I need to get over it or there will never be any photographic evidence that I existed! I mean we own a helluva lot of pictures of Kristyn, the cats and my perspective but none really of yours
truly. Also, I want to make it a goal to try to shed some chunk this year and I think it would be neat to see the change happen in
my face over time. I should really start on January 1st but if I wait I’ll forget, so here I am:

We’re in the
car and on our way to Kristyn’s job at the animal hospital. I have
to run some errands, go to Staples and drop some stuff off at a few
hotels for a project/job I’m working on. In other words, it’s New
Year’s Eve Eve! So excited for tomorrow! Kristyn has off and we’re
gonna eat Tofurkey, play Harry Potter and MJ, drink wine, play with
sparklers and ring in the new year!!!!

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