The Christmas Monster

This year it feels like Christmas is just passing me by. I guess it’s because we didn’t have to do any Christmas shopping. We’re not in a position where we have enough money to buy people things, let along ship them cross-country. In fact, we’re not even exchanging gifts with each other. Anyway, we’d been stressing about that and just realized we should just, for this year only, call it a wash. Next year I WILL have a job and we will feverishly lavish our loved ones with birthday and Christmas presents, we SWEAR.

But this is our favorite part, buying prezzies for people so Christmas without it is almost TOO unstressful. Like we don’t have to constant fever to pick out the right thing but it leaves a weird present -shaped hole in the holiday season. *sigh*

On the upside of stressing over something that’s not stressful, I have been listening to more Christmas music this season that is healthy for one person. I listen to almost constant Christmas music. Sometimes I listen to so much that I get aggrivated and have to shut it off. I’m doing to myself what people in service industries have done TO them. And Kristyn just found an app recently that lets us listen to NYC radio stations so we have been splitting our Christmas music listening time between LA and NYC’s radio stations. It’s sick and they don’t even play different music for the most part. We originally wanted to listen to New York’s stations because we wanted to hear “Dominick the Donkey” and “Donde esta Santa Claus” but they’re not playing them this year! A Christmas Travesty! We were stunned to learn that these songs are a regional delicacy last Christmas and are flabbergasted to learn that theyre not even being played this year at all. I didn’t even hear the Hannukah song once! (Although I saw Adam Sandler a few months ago.)

What else? Oh I FINALLY just got done with and mailed the Christmas Cards. Yeah it’s the 21st. I have literally been working on them all month long. I told Kristyn that there is no way in the firey pits of Santa hell that she is getting off the hook for writing Christmas Cards next year (but that’s what I say every year and every year she chuckles while my writin’ hand addresses and stamps fourty something cards haha).

One thing that is making me berserk though is that I STILL haven’t hung the Christmas lights on the front window. (Actually the BARS on the front window haha.) This is happening tonight, rain or no rain. I’m about to have a mini-light nervous breakdown over this. Kristyn kind of backs away from holiday decorations because she says I am a control freak about it. She is not wrong. I don’t mean to be but I just come from a family that considers holiday decorations TO BE A VERY SERIOUS AND IMPORTANT AFFAIR WHERE THERE ARE RIGHT AND WRONG WAYS TO APPROACH THINGS. Haha. I’m not saying it’s a pretty attribute but it is what it is. BUT the good thing is that we kind of divvy stuff up according to what I MUST CONTROL and what Kristyn likes to do. I have to put the lights and garland on the tree and she hates that so I do it and she reclines. I have a very specific way I like the “base ornaments” to go on the tree while Kristyn likes to put on the specialty ones. And this is where Kristyn goes haywire. IDK whether she does this because it makes me sigh or because she likes it. She actively admits to doing things so I’ll “yell at her”. (FYI this “yelling” she speaks of is a smirk and an eyeroll but she likes it.) Anyway she at some point decided she wanted to put birds all over the tree. She buys one every year (though she hasn’t for the last two). The tree is covered with birds and they’re her FAVORITE to put up. She gets to excited about them so that is her major HAVE TO as far as the tree is involved…that and a set of glittery grapes that I am POSITIVE she only puts on the tree to get me to “yell” at her. Hideous. At least she puts them somewhere towards the back haha.

I am also really picky when it comes to hanging lights around the apartment. For the most part she stays away but she’s taller so sometimes I have to compel her to help me reach things and she does it. What I am not really picky about are the decorations that go around the house and I know she likes to do that so typically while I’m obsessively hanging lights on things, she is placing stuff around the house. There are only a few things that “are supposed to specifically go there”. Hahaha. I’m the Christmas Monster.

BUT don’t feel too sorry for her because she’s always “busy” from December 26th until mid-January and can’t seem to find time to take the decorations down or get rid of the tree. She’s also always very, very busy and can’t possibly put the boxes away. And it’s her birthday in late January so we’re already on “It’s your birthday!” mode so I let it go haha.

So that’s all our Christmas dish for right now. We got a bunch of presents in the mail from family and they’re all under the tree waiting to be opened and being sit on by cats. We have (mostly) decided on and bought our meals for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Kristyn has both off!!! Thank god! Last year she had to work and I was here alone. We both got the short end of the stick because at least I was home but at least she was with people. This year we can celebrate both together!

Okay I gotta go get ready for another job interview. Wish me luckaroonies!

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