A Great Day!

The above picture illustrates Kristyn’s penchant for placing things at the VERY edge of a surface. This is probably the most egregious example of what she is capable of but I just couldn’t believe it so I had to take a picture (and then post it to the internets for you to enjoy).

So today was a good day! Yesterday I applied to a job with a company that I’d been considered by in the past. I called my contact and asked if I could be considered for this position and she set me up with an interview that I went on today! The interview went well so cross your fingers for me, lord knows my stubby digits are tired from all of the crossing and uncrossing they do in the name of “THE GREAT AMERICAN JOB SEARCH”.

Also, so ya know, everything is all square with Welfare. Turns out that there was a mixup (not on my part), some paperwork that needed to be clarified (which I did) and an unneccessary mental breakdown (on my part). So barring any difficulties or mixups I should be reinstated. I hope I don’t have to be reinstated for long because I have a couple of jobs on the horizon. One I have to wait to find out about and one I will discuss in a minute.

Yesterday, while at REP (one of my welfare assignments), I found out that I graduated! I had to do a six week work program in order to qualify for GR (general relief). Graduating means I don’t have to go to the office in Glendale every day to job hunt. It means I can do it from home which is awesome. Big thanks to my REP counselor. She really gave me a lot of great advice and help. I’m going to be staying in touch with her in the future!

Also I got paid for the Desperate Housewives thing today! Okay I guess I should discuss this now. Well no I’ll put it in a separate post. It deserves a separate one and it’s kinda longish to boot.

ALSO I got home today and found another letter in the mail that our landlord is having another hearing against her in February. This time she’s going to be punished for not complying with LA Housing’s violations. At least I think that’s what it says. In a way it makes me sad because I don’t want to see anyone suffer or be in trouble. BUT on the other hand, it sure was no skin off her ass to scream at us for twelve months because her plumbing didn’t work. Nor was it any skin off her ass to get in my face in front of the Health Inspector (she literally got IN my face). Nor was it any skin off her ass to try to toss us out onto the street. NOR was it any skin off her ass to lie to the inspectors right in front of us. NOR was it any skin off her ass to raise our rent by $38 as retaliation for making her fix stuff. So I guess what I am saying is that although my knee-jerk reaction as a person is to feel sorry for her (because that is what my bleeding heart does), my analytical brain says, “No skin off my ass!”

AND I got a job that I will also discuss in a separate post. You’re probably all snoozing from my inanity above and I need to startle you awake with this.

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