Only me.

I got a $68 parking ticket while leaving the Welfare office. Because I didn’t have the $5 for their PAID parking lot. Swift little business they’re running, do you see what I mean? LA itself is a business. It gets exhausting. The meter maid had the nerve to pull up and yell at me to move my car AS I was sitting in it reading my ticket that I’d only JUST gotten. I said, “Yeah thanks I got the memo. I only just came back from the welfare office. This is like a quarter of what I’ll make for the month. Have a nice day.” I know the meter reader is just doing his job but damn.

Also, and this is a perfect example of your tax dollars at work. The REASON welfare is putting me through the ringer is because I told THE TRUTH on my forms and said I was receiving help from Kristyn. They actually said, in a letter to me, that I was being cut off of aid BECAUSE MY BILLS ARE LARGER THAN WHAT THEY ARE GIVING ME. Naturally there is a “good reason” that is supposed to make that sentence make sense. *sigh*

I sure hope you guys aren’t judging me because I am putting myself way out there for you. I want you to see what this is really like. LA is a beautiful and tough place to live. I am so inspired here but goddamn these weird rules. You never know you’re crossing a line until it’s crossed. EVERYTHING has a learning curve and I am sure all places are (so don’t get all “correcty” on me). I’m making up words now. Okay gotta go hop in the shower to make it to my SECOND welfare appointment of the day. My back is killing me, blerg.

2 thoughts on “Only me.

  1. Hang in there doll. Its like they sang in the prolific 80’s movie “Mannequin”:

    Im so glad I found you
    Im not gonna lose you
    Whatever it takes I will stay here with you
    Take it to the good times
    See it through the bad times
    Whatever it takes is what Im gonna do

    Let em say were crazy, what do they know
    Put your arms around me baby
    Dont ever let go
    Let the world around us just fall apart
    Baby we can make it if were heart to heart

    And we can build this dream together
    Standing strong forever
    Nothings gonna stop us now
    And if this world runs out of lovers
    Well still have each other
    Nothings gonna stop us, nothings gonna stop us

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