My family huddled around the warm glow of the internets

Me and Kristyn finally decorated the tree today.  We already had the lights, garland and star on it but hadn’t gotten around to the balls.  I was irritated right off the bat this morning because the cats had torn off half of the garland and some of the lights in Mortal Kombat earlier in the morning.  I dramatically declared, “That goddamn tree is gonna be the DEATH of me!  Mark my words, I will have torn it down by New Years!”  Haha.  So in order to make me smile (and to save the tree not to mention the cats), she started putting the ornaments on.  Because she had to go to work, it turned into a marathon ornament putting-on session but we got it all done.  This picture doesn’t even show the whole tree just because my lens wouldn’t let me get the whole thing and I was too lazy to switch lenses.  I’ll get a better picture later.  The bottom line is that the lower half of the tree has next to no ornaments on it haha.  It’s not worth it because if I have to put them back on I am sure to tear my tshirt and shorts and turn into the Hulk.  Merry Christmas!

Anyway, here is a picture of MOST of the tree.

And here is a picture of the top of the tree.  Yes that is a lady’s leg you spy.  Yes there are an awful lot of birds.  Definitely that is masking tape at the bottom of the star.  What can I say, we’re classy broads…

So then I wrote down some recipes for a while.  I have started writing up a book of all of the recipes I use all of the time because I am tired of always searching for them.  I mean almost NONE of them are my own.  They’re from other people, cookbooks and some are just off the box of something but I hate having to rely on finding that stuff.  A few years ago I had bought three hardcover notebooks at Barnes and Noble with inspirational messages on them.  I gave one to me (!), one to Kristyn and one to my Dad.  They were just to keep track of life goals because we were all in a time of flux.  WELL. Me and Kristyn started using ours but my Dad didn’t use his and I found it in a box of his stuff when we moved.  I snatched it back from him haha.  So I started writing my recipes in here.  The cover says, “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.”  That’s apt for a cookbook in case you want to create a lardass out of yourself.  (And I do!)

Anyway, my sister Christine  and her boyfriend Matt invited my parents, brother Charles, Grandma and Matt’s parents over for “Thanksmas”.  In other words she made a Turkey and they exchanged grab bag gifts.  From what I saw of the gifts, there was: A Santa Clause outfit Snuggie (want), A bottle of viscous fluid (my Dad purchased this and Matt got it, I tried to get them to crack it open and drink some with a spoon but they weren’t having it), a Jersey Shore poster, a candle and I forget what else because my brain lost steam with the viscous fluid.

THE POINT IS that we Skyped for like an hour haha.  Here is my Sister and my Dad (and me in the little window at the bottom):

Here is my Grandma Barr (my Dad’s momma), my Mom and my Sister:

Here is my Dad and my brother Wee Charles (or just, ya know Charles if that’s how you are) (P.S. Wee Charles is at like a foot taller than me and eleven years younger than me haha.):

Here is my Sister and my Momma:

Here is another one of my Grandma, Mom and Sister:

And here is my Dad and Charles doing god knows what.  It was weird to scream “LOOK AT ME!!!” at them from 3,000 miles away haha.

So that was that! I forgot to get one of Matt!!! He might have edited himself out of the photo shoot though if I know him haha. And who can blame him, computer cameras are not the most flattering format. My video kept cutting out so they could only see me like half of the time. Drat. Anyway, I’m a tad hungry so I’m going to go slap my feedbag on. TTYL.

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