Bits of this, bits of that

Sunset Boulevard this morning on my way to a job interview. It's not a great pic but the sky was cool.

I went on another job interview today for a really cool company.  They do post-production but the position is REALLY entry-level.  I’d like that though because honestly I have been out of the “real work” game for a while that I feel kind of unsteady on my feet.  It would be really nice to start at the bottom and work my way up.  At my last paying job I always felt like I came in at the middle.  It wasn’t an entry level job so there were times that people who had a technically “lower position” knew more than I did about the way things ran.  I mean it was fine because I wasn’t responsible for DOING that work but it sucked because I was responsible for know HOW to do it.  In retrospect, it probably would have been better for me to start at that rank and move up but so it goes.

SO, in this field I REALLY want to start on the bottom rung and move up naturally.  This way I will be able to kind of get my foot in the door and know who’s who and what’s what when I get to a higher position rather than  constantly feeling like I am bumping into things not knowing what everyone does.  And I might have made a mistake but this is the first interview where I acknowledged this problem.  As I’ve said I’m constantly interviewing for these entry level positions and they say, “Well clearly you’re qualified but really this job is just picking up the phone so I don’t know if it would hold your interest.”  I’m starting to learn that this is both a tactic for weeding you out and also they don’t want someone who will get too ahead of themselves.  SO this is the first time that I cut this problem off at the pass.  I told her that I’ve been having a tough time getting anyone to give me a chance BECAUSE of my work experience but that  all I really want IS an entry-level position specifically SO I can look around and see what I am interested in.  She seemed to appreciate that and I hope she takes it into consideration because I was serious and not just blowing smoke up her duff.  Honestly this kind of popped out of my mouth before I could stop it and I was embarrassed that I’d said too much at first.  BUT when I got to the car I realized that I wasn’t sorry I’d said it.  I mean the odds of her actually hiring me are astronomically unlikely (when you consider how many job interviews I’ve gone on vs. how many offers I’ve gotten).  If she is going to do the same thing as everyone else and throw the “overqualified” card at me, I might as well do it first.  Give her something to chew over and give her my honest feelings that “I swear to God I just want an entry level position!”  So IDK.  It could blow up in my face, lord knows everything else has.  BUT as my mother always chides me, “COLEEN the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!”  So yeah, something new.  We’ll see.

I also got a call back from the other hinky job at the company I really like.  He had asked me to send him some suggestions for a project they are working on.  I guess he liked them because he said he’s considering having a few of us in next week to discuss further.  He didn’t set a date though so we’ll see.

There is another company that called me yesterday and gave me a phone interview.  She is supposed to call me back for a second in-person interview but I haven’t heard back yet.

I interviewed at two other companies earlier this week.  I am not interested in the first job.  They want you to be available and on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  I am interested in paying my dues but that’s bananas x 12.  The second company was really cool but I think  out of my league.  I mean I know I could do the job but I don’t know how interested she was in me.  She said she was going to do second interviews by the end of this week and wanted someone to start on Monday.  Hey, my schedule is clear by my phone isn’t ringing.  So I guess that’s that.

So prospects are currently:

1) Hinky job at company I really like

2) Super entry-level position at a really cool company

3) Possible interview at weirdish cool company

4) Job I know I’d be able to do but they’re not calling.

Also I think it’s time I take the hint and stop following up on a job I have been following up on forever.  I am not ordinarily that aggressive but it was the only foothold I had AND the guy I was following up with assured me EVERY WEEK that he wanted me to keep checking up with him weekly.  Towards the end, we got kind of chummy and he told me I shouldn’t pin all my hopes on this position because filling it wasn’t currently a priority.  He suggested I get a couple little jobs to make ends meet until this or another steady job hires me.  I assured him that I am looking at other jobs as well but told him I just really want THIS job.  And I DO.  I drove by there before and hollered, “I love you _____!”  Haha…I’m an nerd and so what.  Honestly if I got a job at this company or it’s parent, stick a fork in me, I’m done.  I’d work there until they pried my employee badge out of my cold dead fingers.  AND they have a branch in NY which means that someday, if I was so inclined, I could probably move back home…We shall see.  Oh but anyway, that guy eventually told me to hold off following up for a while because they weren’t filling the position until later in November.  He told me to send him an email late in the month to see what is up.  I have and haven’t heard back.  I think that’s my buddy’s way of saying, “Thanks for the months of friendly harrassment but I think we should see other people.”  Thanks Bud, it’s been a pleasure.  (And if this sounds unprofesh to someone welll feck off. This is a job I WANT and can DO.  And I came SO FAR.  I just didn’t want to give up so long as they said it was okay to check in.  Oh well, it was a wild ride haha.)

Okay last on my list of stuff is that my NJ DL is expiring on New Year’s Eve!  I have to get my CA DL before then because if it expires, I will have to take the written and driving tests again, oh no!  And guys, I am a good driver (clean record, the whole nine) but I have a history of not passing these tests.  In high school I took Drivers’ Ed and passed the written permit test with flying colors.  My mother wouldn’t take me for the driving test so the permit expired.  I had to re-take the test and natch I failed.  So I had to re-take it again and I passed.  Then on the day of my driving test, my mother wouldn’t take me.  Then I took it and failed.  Then I took it again and passed.  So it was an arduous process and I didn’t end up getting my license until I was 19.  I CANNOT GO THROUGH THAT LEVEL OF DRAMATIC INJUSTICE AGAIN!  I was just on the horn with the CA DMV and went through this whole song and dance of sections on their “voice menus” so that I could make an appointment.  BUT when I got to the appointment page, they said that the computers were down and then hung the heck up on me.  Guys, by now you know that things never go smoothly for one Ms. Meanstreets Buberella.  Why am I surprised?

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