I’m having a great week!

This is a picture of Glendale, CA. I love that old Seeley's sign.

Suddenly things are looking way, way up. I haven’t been offered any jobs but I am getting interviews out the wazoo. I have gone on an interview almost every single day for these past two weeks (besides Thanksgiving and Black Friday). Naturally that doesn’t mean that one of them will pan out but it helps my theory. As frustrating as it is to go on interviews (CONSTANTLY) and never be offered a job, there is/will be a finite amount of job interviews that I will go on before I cinch a paying position. I look at it as though with every interview, I am one interview closer to the one that sticks!

Today I went on a second interview with a company I REALLY love. It’s not a prestigious position at all but it is a growing company with lots of room to move up. Yesterday I went on an interview for another job that is not a prestigious position but is ALSO with a growing company that I’d LOVE to work for. So, if nothing else, I am excited just to be considered by these companies I admire. It gives me hope for the future that they noticed me at all.

Also, I applied to two colleges this week which felt GREAT. One college is my dream college but the chances of me getting in are “slim” to “Coleen, it’s not going to happen”. Before you start with the “Coleen, you shouldn’t have such a negative attitude!” replies, let me explain. I applied to an EXTREMELY competitive school in a program where they select maybe 15 people out of the THOUSANDS that apply. I have the grades. I have the creativity. Lord knows I have the chutzpah. BUT my transcript from Bergen is spotty because I had a ton of family problems while I was trying to go to school. I was working full time and trying to take on a full course load while dealing with some pretty traumatic stuff. So, I make their requirements BUT there are tons of people who have a LOT less drama on their transcripts and who are smart and creative enough to fit the bill. STILL it felt great to send off that application. Even if I don’t get in, I still accomplished a dream.

The second college I applied to is a great school but it doesn’t have the cache that the first one does. I think it’s a great school and I’d be honored if they’d have me but again, I applied to a competitive program so IDK if they’ll accept me. I didn’t apply anywhere other than those two schools because they were the only two in my price range in LA. If I get into one of these schools I will start next fall. In a way, it would almost be better if I just went to the school with lesser prestige because they tailor their classes around an adults’ schedule, aka they understand that people have to work. The more prestigious school doesn’t care how you support yourself, they want you there full time and during the day. If I got into that school, I could only go with heavy grants, scholarships and loans. So IDK.

And like I said, I know it’s bananas to even be considering school when we are this broke ass broke BUT I got to apply to both schools for free due to my current level of destitution AND who knows? I might actually get need based grants so I can finish my degree and support myself!

AND the jobs that I interviewed for yesterday and today would be great to have for school. Some of the more SERIOUS CORPORATE CAREER JOBS that I’ve applied for want your schedule fully clear so that you can come in early and work late. I am still going to apply high and low and if I manage to secure a great SERIOUS CORPORATE CAREER JOB before school starts, I will just decide what my heart really wants. After all, you go to school to GET the job. If I can get the job without school, I should take the damn job. (Although honestly, I have been advised by a LOT of wise people, one that I respect a lot, not to even put so much emphasis on worrying about my degree. The sentiment across the board is really that a degree isn’t that necessary if you’re networking. And I agree that that’s true. I’ve been able to secure tons of interviews just based on my work experience alone. BUT I think about all the job interviews that I COULD have if I had my degree or how polished I’d come across to an interviewer if I had my degree. The interviews are going well but when an interviewer looks at one resume without a degree and one with, and both interviewees did great, they’ll go for the one who sacrificed and got the degree. Also, I just REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want my degree!! It’s just a sense of personal pride and accomplishment. No one can take it away from you AND I love school.)

So we’ll see what happens. I got a great reference from one of my previous employers (a million bazillion thank you’s for that) for one of the schools. And my interviews went well. I sent off a bunch of thank you letters to my interviewers. I also got another two interviews, one tomorrow morning and another one to-be-scheduled. So things are looking good for ol’ Buberella this week!

ALSO, we got a package in the mail from our besties Matt and Rachel. It was filled with candy, some lip chap, tea and cookies that Matt (aka Chef Otter) baked. I loved it sososososo much! I took a million pictures of it and will post them later. I have to write some blogs for LA Music Blog and need to get on it. AND I have a bunch of emails to respond to for that.

So excited about everything! (And a million thank you’s to everyone who’s ever prayed for us or shot off good wishes into the universe via their eyeballs, brains, fingers or orifices. We love you guys and it’s working!!!)

EDIT: I didn’t get the job I had the second interview for today. It’s a bummer but they said they’ll keep me in mind if anything opens up again!

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