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Usually I would post a whole blahblahblah story about our night but I went ahead and uploaded 45 pictures and that is WAY TOO LONG of a story. So here’s a shortened version:

* Kristyn cleaned things as if people were coming over, which was nice.

* Then she peeled stuff.

* Then I chopped things.

* Then Kristyn went to Target to buy a sensor for the Wii. One of our furry fools chewed the wire so we haven’t been able to pay with the Wii or watch Netflix Instant. We haven’t spent any money on entertainment in a LONG TIME so we decided that this would be the thing so we could play a game together after dinner and watch some TV.

* This was Kristyn’s first Black Friday experience EVER so she was quite proud of herself, haha.

* While she was gone I put the Tofurkey in the oven and prepped some more food.

* She came back and set the sensor up.

* Then we boiled things.

* Then we made things.

* Then we set the table and put the food out.

* Then we gorged ourselves like crazy. We are NOT used to eating like that.

* Kristyn gasped for air but managed to take in seconds.

* I knew there was no way I was fitting seconds in there and anyway I wanted dessert.

* We drank some wine and watching some South Park Christmas episodes. Hiiiiiiidey Ho!

* Then we had some pumpkin pie and Empire Biscuits.

* Then we played Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

* Then we took a series of weird pictures.

* Then we watched episodes of “Parks and Recreation” until we fell asleep.

* It was the bomb day.

Here’s what we had for Thanksgiving:

Potatoes, carrots and onions
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
Turnips and Carrots
Cranberry Sauce
Sparkling Apple Cider
Two Buck Chuck Chardonnay
Pumpkin Pie with Cool Whip
Empire Biscuits

P.S. Sorry for adding so many pictures of me, my double chin and root vegetables!

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