Productive Day o’ Blogging

Me on my 31st Birthday!

I was uploading my 31st Birthday pictures and they made me happy so here's one of'm.

If a day can be measured as productive by time spent blogging things, then I have had a seriously productive day. I worked on some stuff for LA Music Blog, blogged all of my Tofurkey Day pictures and now I’m getting all of our pictures off of our SD Cards and onto Flickr.

I need to get a more physical hobby than blogging and sitting. I was just, and this is ca-razy, reading a blog about a guy who decided to stop going on the internet for four months. He is somehow blogging about his experience AS IT HAPPENS. I don’t know if he is snail mailing his blog to someone who is then posting it or if he is dictating it over the horn or what. The point is that I am uploading pictures off of my digital camera onto a laptop while organizing the photos on flickr AND reading a guys’ blog that is documenting his time AWAY from the internet on my cell phone. I’m like a goddamn junkie. Oh AND I should mention that I was also watching “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” on Netflix Instant on the Wii at the same exact time…this is a movie entirely in Swedish with English subtitles. I am out of funking control.

And as soon as the movie ended, I ran right here to get another hit off of the internet. I am nearing rock bottom I think. Ah well, I’ll see you all down there.

What I REALLY wanted to (briefly) discuss was how freeing a time 4am is to do shit like this. I don’t have anywhere I have to be in the morning so I don’t feel all stop watchy. During the day I am hyper aware of the sun and it’s gradual downward slope. The later it gets, the more of a failure I feel like. I suppose should feel all “fail” for doing THIS at 4am instead of getting some shuteye but it doesn’t seem to work like that. ALTHOUGH I should lay down because while 4am seems like an okay time to get inane work done, 5am seems like a criminal time to be awake. I have a rule that if I am awake and the sun starts to come out, a firing squad has to take me down immediately. This is how strongly I feel about never being awake to see the rising sun. I guess it reminds me of my errant youth. There’s nothing more gross than walking OUT of a New York City club while the sun is at full blast and you had NO IDEA. Ugh. Blerg. Shiver. Not me. Good times at the time but I am (choose to be) too old for that shit, EVEN if all I’m doing is giggling to “Parks and Recreation” under a crocheted blanket I made.

ALSO me and Kristyn realized that we have seriously cut back our portion sizes in the year + we’ve lived here. In NJ we ate out all of the time and you KNOW what kind of servings restaurants give you. Here we cook every meal and can’t afford to eat out. When we do, we end up gagging trying to stuff the entire meal in our pie holes because:

a) We misguidedly think we can.
b) Because we don’t know when we’re going to eat out again and…
c) Leftovers aren’t as good.

WELL, we were just NOT PREPARED for Thanksgiving. We filled our plates as usual and then were dismayed by how much food we’d put on the plates for a couple of reasons:

a) It was definitely way too much food.
b) I looked at my plate and actually said, “I have no idea how in the hell all of THAT is supposed to fit in here. *points to stomach*”
c) It looked like two if not three meals to me (on each of our plates so like total 4-6 of our regular meals). It seemed like a waste.

BUT, we again crammed that shit down our pie holes because it’s Thanksgiving and that is what you are required to do, no? Kristyn was actually SCREAMING in pain intermittently. But then got up for more haha. I don’t know what is wrong with that girl.

But everything we ate last night had me actually feeling full until around 9pm tonight. I had some biscuits and cookies throughout the day but that was just gluttony. If I’m honest, I was not hungry one iota all damn day. It was weird. And then I had Thanksgiving for dinner and I stuffed myself again. I don’t think I’ll need to eat again for another 24 hours.

Okay, well now it’s 4:19. I really gotta go. Before you know it, 5am will be here and you all KNOW that the firing squad has a standing order to arrive if my eyeballs are not closed. And they’re good guys but they mean business. So goodnight fools.

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